I-94 Corridor

Moving People & Goods On Clean Fuels

Alternative fuel corridors extend throughout the country, and are not limited to I-94. A corridor-ready designation means sufficient refueling access exists along that section of highway for that specific alternative fuel. Corridor-pending means there is some fueling infrastructure, but gaps exist. New alternative fuel sites can help fill these infrastructure gaps along I-94, accelerating the transition to lower-emission vehicles and ensuring that the growing number of drivers have consistent access to fueling and charging options.

Clean Fuels, Clean Jobs, Clean Communities: Alternative fuels play an important role in our nation’s economic and environmental success. Alternative fuel corridors improve air quality, especially to communities living closest to highways. Significant opportunities exist to fill remaining gaps in alternative fueling across all highways. In addition to the health-related benefits, and energy security, the installation of new fueling infrastructure supports jobs throughout the nation.