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The Michigan to Montana (M2M) I-94 Clean Fuel Corridor project seeks to ensure a 1,500-mile span of Interstate 94 from Port Huron, Michigan to Billings, Montana will have adequate fueling sites to serve alternative fuel and electric vehicle driver needs.

While I-94 is a major interstate highway connecting the Great Lakes and intermountain regions of the United States, there are several gaps in alternative fueling infrastructure between Michigan and Montana. The M2M project, being led by GTI through a $4.9 million U.S. Department of Energy Grant awarded in December 2016, is being facilitated in partnership with Clean Cities Coalitions along the M2M route. The coalitions are working to give public and private fleets and individual drivers more options to fuel with cleaner alternatives such as electricity, compressed natural gas (CNG), and propane autogas.

Significant opportunities exist to fill gaps in alternative fueling across I-94 to better serve the general public, federal, state, municipal and private fleets. Doing so meets the goals of the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act, boosts economic activity and increases national energy security.

Potential alternative fuel demand along I-94 includes military bases and facilities, national parks and sites and more than 230 truck stops in six states.

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